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Red Barn Agricultural project by Warfel Construction.

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Warfel Construction has extensive experience in building poultry houses and other agricultural related projects. Because of the complex nature of of agricultural buildings, we offer talented crews which specialize in these structures. Only the finest materials are utilized, and construction is always scheduled to minimize delays. Since our company was begun in 1972, we have built over 1100 poultry houses pleasing fowl and clients alike.

Whether you grow for Allens Hatchery, Mountaire, Perdue, or another company, Warfel can build to your specifications. We work with all types of financing including Farm Credit, Wells Fargo, or your local bank.

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Agricultural Construction Frequently Asked Questions

How experienced is Warfel Construction in building agricultural structures?

Warfel Construction has built over 1,100 poultry houses and other agricultural buildings since 1972. Our specialized crews use the finest materials and adhere to schedules that minimize delays, ensuring high-quality agricultural constructions.

What types of agricultural structures can Warfel Construction build?

Besides poultry houses, we build barns, storage facilities, and other agricultural structures. Our team is experienced in designing and constructing buildings that meet the specific needs of various agricultural operations.

What financing options are available for construction projects?

We work with various financing options including Farm Credit, Wells Fargo, and local banks. Our team can guide you through the financing process to find the best solution for your construction project.

What is the cost estimation process for a construction project?

Cost estimation begins with an initial consultation to understand your project scope. We then provide a detailed estimate covering materials, labor, and any additional services required to complete your project.

What considerations are taken into account when designing agricultural buildings?

We consider factors such as ventilation, insulation, lighting, and durability to ensure optimal conditions for livestock or crop storage. Our designs meet industry standards and address the specific needs of agricultural operations.

How does Warfel Construction ensure the durability of agricultural structures?

We use high-quality materials and construction techniques designed for the demands of agricultural use. Our structures are built to withstand environmental conditions and heavy usage, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.