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Office Buildings, Churches, and Theaters are only a few of the many different Commercial spaces that Warfel Construction has successfully built.  Let us utilize our depth of experience to help your business grow and succeed.

In our modern office we will assist you in tailoring your business/office design to fit your lifestyle and taste, from floor plan to customized features and materials. Our display showroom offers a rainbow of choices for floor coverings, window styles, siding and more, all guaranteed to make your office both beautiful and functional,

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Commercial Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Does Warfel Construction handle commercial projects?

Yes, we have extensive experience in commercial construction. We have completed significant projects such as the Eagle’s Nest Fellowship Church and Milford City Hall, and we can customize office and business designs to meet your specific needs.

What are the benefits of choosing Warfel Construction for commercial projects?

We offer extensive experience, personalized service, and a commitment to quality. Our ability to customize designs and our track record of successful projects make us a reliable choice for commercial construction.

Can Warfel Construction assist with land development projects?

Yes, in addition to construction, we offer land development services. Our team can help with site selection, planning, and development to ensure your land is ready for construction.

How does Warfel Construction handle commercial project timelines?

We develop a detailed project schedule during the planning phase, incorporating milestones and deadlines. Regular progress updates and proactive management help ensure the project stays on track and meets all agreed timelines.

Can Warfel Construction assist with commercial renovations and expansions?

Yes, we specialize in commercial renovations and expansions. Our team can upgrade existing spaces or add new features to improve functionality and aesthetics, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.